Friday, March 12, 2010

marinating type with meaning

A message maker longs, above all else to be understood. In an age when bombastic type and image surround us, it is not a simple task to entice and engage the viewer.

Often type is applied to image as an afterthought. A message infused with emotion, carries a higher capacity to flag attention. The goal of the message maker may be to inspire significant change or simply to cause the viewer to pause to raise a brow of acknowledgement.

My (more successful) type experiments were driven by a theme of unveiling emotions and opinions within a cohesive or purposefully conflicting context. A type conference possibility, would be one about the many ways to infuse meaning to type and image through the unleashing of narrative. Type and image driven by an emotional message can captivate, hypnotize, intoxicate and most importantly (through redundancy) to grab the unwilling viewer by the ear and make them listen.

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