Monday, March 29, 2010

conference brainstorm

To facilitate interaction and exploration (and reduce the passive experience):

WORKSHOP (option)
– following a demo, groups are arranged, quick brainstorming sessions occur (under guidance) and the groups are unleashed for a time of making. (An opening subject may be: sending attendees out to the streets to find examples of type and image working—a fine embodiment of rhetoric on display. workshops may extend outside the room.)

KEYNOTE – one of the superstars might humble himself to serve as a moderator, rather than creating the traditional passivity-encouraging spectacle. The room would be divided up by topic and all would reconvene to share discoveries. The topic would specifically reference the speaker, who would be dangerously armed with wisdom for the discussion.

MIXERS – casual comfortable atmosphere for attendees to meet. Evening cocktail, Ice cream in the afternoon? music–To decrease the stiffness of a typical conference atmosphere, music will be added to mixer activities. (dance?)

WALKING GROUPS (with purpose) – Morning walking groups could meet at a local park. Since a huge walking/discussion group would be overwhelming, discussion leaders would be chosen upon arrival to park. Groups would break up concerning topic interest and experience meaningful conversation while meeting others with similar interests.

PANEL DISCUSSIONSLead by successful designers, professors, experts in the specific topic. Invitation and/or registration necessary for participation with some of these sessions to assure a wide range of disciplines within the discussion.

INTERACTIVE SCHEDULING Invitation is mailed out with a survey of topics (beneath the postmodern, type and image umbrella) upon registering, the potential attendee would be given the power to partially determine the content of the conference. The practical purpose would be the ability to predict necessary space for specific activities, based on interest.

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