Thursday, March 25, 2010

pinups & pups

These photos will be applied to my furry product line, Good Dog Days (or Pretty Puppy something).
Taylor (above) has found her new career direction as a tamer of wild puppies; this is Nina, the lovable and destructive mastiff pup.
Azure is hopelessly smitten with the pretty Mandy.
When I happened upon this cement mix product line (on lovely package), I realized I needed to create a visual identity just as refined. Although pretty girls and cement mix may be an odd combo, who could possibly resist such gorgeous packaging? (Personally, I think the stereotypical excessively masculine, non-fashion minded, American construction worker would not be so moved; but the company is located in Greece, so who knows?)



These photos turned out fucking awesome!

Julie Sikonski said...

You're very talented, Tammy.