Sunday, March 20, 2011

WE! program partial

This is a (take one) partial of the program interior. Grid-ish seems to be my theme. I begin with such good intentions...On another note, Jamie Gray better come to this.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

chromatic collaborations / take one

final poster above with sparkling chromatic font; fpo posters below...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hi there chicago

Mikal is a musician from Kansas City who is studying film at SAIC. (She is also friends with everyone in the whole world and the reason I once got to eat lunch with the amazing Eleni Mandell.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


MaberryShell have teamed up once again and boy are we having fun.

The original essence of FREE DESIGN is free-spirited design. The freedom part can be broken down into the following (initially cryptic) categories: joy, individuality and impact.

1. It's all about JOY.
If we are not designing from a spirit of joy, then what are we doing here? It's easy to tell from our work that passion is the driving force. Our goals are not simply to create pretty things, but to marry beauty, passion and function.

2. We are free to be individual.
Upon entering the design department at KCAI we do not have to check our individual talents and propensities at the door. We are not shoved into a confining mold, but are allowed the freedom to grow and manifest our individual design directions. (The video, at the bottom of this post, is a symbolic and in-process representation of this. Thank you Brian for the comic relief.)

3. We are freeing design from the confines of the computers.
We are taking design out of the computers and applying it to impact the world. Our experience with Rosedale was an amazing example of this. We are learning to consider the power we have as designers. (Within this department, I have not just grown as a designer, but a person.) And lastly, (as Kate and Carly mentioned in their presentation,) With great power, comes great responsibility.

In my opinion, the opposite of free spirited design is "stiff and really dry design."

Dustin and I took running leaps up over this projected text, ahhh experimental type. We only slammed into the wall and fell rolling on the ground a few very worth it.
possible catalog cover:
web page: (all of these would include photos of the entire leaping senior class)