Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Owen Cox is oh so DADA

First of all, I am abusing the description modern dance (emphasis modern) to my advantage— at the moment, I am madly in love with Vignelli. As you will notice, this design is a Post Modern reaction to high Modernism with homage to my most favorite Dada. (by the way, my moto is always Dada, never Futurist.)
My new goal in life, besides fighting design pollution, is semiotics and simplicity; in the past, I would have acquired migraines with attempts to incorporate as many icons as possible, not to mention excessive ornamentation. Brad Cox, the composer of the Owen Cox Dance Group, is (like me) emotion, rather than logic driven and a fan of the esoteric; he did not want to divulge too much in the poster. He asked me to remove the press release and add only a poet description of the performance. (The performance combines Alice in Wonderland and the Lewis and Clark adventure within a wildly imaginative and non-linear narrative.) final design below.
The binoculars are an index of expedition. Frabjous, as a description of what will be encountered, is a reference to the combined word, fabulous and joyous, as spoken by the mad hatter. I tried to connote movement through the skewed perspective. The lines represent a sort of maze to symbolize the quest and non-linear story the dancers (and Brad's narration) will tell. Also, the word "expedition" is feeling antsy and ready to move on.

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