Thursday, March 25, 2010

pretty puppy something

My dog product is now titled either Good Dog Days, Pretty Puppy something or another revelation that happens in the next day or two. These are rough mockups—with fpo photos—I have decided to recruit the prettiest girls and dogs I know. Since my products would sell in a place like Anthropologie, I would imagine this display on a cute vintage dresser or cabinet:
Since my audience is somewhat environmentally concerned, I decided find and reuse vintage packaging (I plan to spray paint the lid, either black or red, at the very least). Also my target group would appreciate a handmade quality and likely shop at places like Etsy; I sewed handles on the product using handkerchiefs and pretty, patterned fabric. The smaller handle becomes a decorative cuff for the user; the larger handle becomes a scarf for the dog.


jamie said...

and what about pretty kitty? :)

tammyshell said...

i am on it!


I LOVE the way you are thinking about presentation for these, it looks really legit.