Thursday, October 22, 2009

the sister was not a mister

I attempted to promote scandal with this cover. I would argue Gertrude Stein's, Tender Buttons are not just about buttons, objects, livingrooms and roast beef, but rather and elevation of everyday moments to a position of cherish. Since Alice B. Tolkas unabashedly was Stein's lover, and Tender Buttons is infact a euphemism for something else, my process included photographing two girls holding hands in studio. (possibly bribed by baked goods) I ended up sewing my my favorite quote from the poem, rooms, into the cover, the sister was not a mister, as well as the two hands touching. (This project easily fit into my all art projects should include yarn standard)dustin described some of the loose poem reinterpretations as barfing words on the page. i violently disagree. my experience with reinterpreting poems by the lovely gertrude stein was divine. i thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to describe the poem expressively with my hand and emotions combined.

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thenewprogramme said...

i will barf on dustin as payback.