Thursday, October 22, 2009

final artifact

My poster is based on a can you read billboard by a nonprofit organization of Shelia Levrant de Brettville. I have recently begun to worship de Brettville as she is a powerhouse of creating art with a message of social change. The mode of appeal for the original poster is logos, since it is a logical invitation for illiterates to make a simple phone call for help.

Pathos was the mode I explored for my campaign, since I am striving to kindle a viewer’s empathy. Through a roughened rendering style, an alarming color palette, and potentially alarming imagery, I am attempting to demonstrate that the negative effects of illiteracy extend beyond the individual. My highlighted message at the bottom of the bottle is a call to action for volunteers. Since the imagery is a child potentially about to receive the wrong dose of medicine due to his mother's inability to decipher the label, the potential volunteer tutor is given an elevated status of superhero of protection.

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