Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This evening I photographed (new) friends, beth and bjorn. so far, I believe the top right composition may be the most comfortable to look at— this one doesn't include any uncomfortable, multi-angle awkwardness. In blatant contradiction, I do still appreciate the bottom left composition with ryan hidden behind the medicine bottle. (something strange and unexpected is happening with the medicine completely disguising him as an anonymous everyman character within my plot.) Also, the negative space is a pleasant addition.

My final rendering will be in the style shown above with the following copy possibilities:
(although I am not completely opposed to the existing copy, if chopping up the red type is working...)
- even simple tasks [can be, become, prove] dangerous for the illiterate.
-how do you determine the correct dose, when you can't read the bottle?
-caution: The correct dose is obvious to everyone. . . except the illiterate.
-caution: this child is about to receive the wrong dose because his mother is illiterate.
-caution: the side effects of adult illiteracy may be severe.
-caution: adult illiteracy effects more than the individual.
-caution: the [side effects, repercussions, dangers] of adult illiteracy extend beyond the individual.

(a note of fluff, many lovely hands exist in this studio including those belonging to laura, genia and cassie. Cassie was re-commissioned as my subject for her hopelessly handsome hands.)

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