Monday, October 12, 2009

ideas for ethos

The following designs are based on a quote from the U.S. Dept of Education: One in seven U.S. adults lack sufficient reading skills.

For the above designs, I decided to use a pencil as an index of the educated. I destroyed about five to acquire the perfect ragged edge. The missing tip is alarming to me because I equate the inadequate pencil to a headless person.

Below, while driving in my car up and down the highway, I took photographs of signs. I decided I would need to pair the sign photos with a more dangerous background; a scenic view of the highway exists on an overpass next to the FBI building downtown. I parked in the FBI visitor's parking, grabbed my colossal camera, and lean over the edge—as a sniper. Only one person below honked at my suspicious posture. (Additionally, the cold air was not kind to my fingers).

1 comment:

Cameron Perry said...

i can read all of these posters and I say they are to difficult to choose which one is the most amazing. Way cool, I like the pencils (big and small type)