Friday, October 9, 2009

design directions

For the second round of literacy iterations, I steered clear of drawing. (Although, I still plan to attempt husky icons.) I gathered a few books on furry animals and space to create imagination montages. On the more serious pathos, I photographed my friend Ryan reaching for a medicine bottle while holding baby June. Additionally I photographed a hand holding a bottle of medicine with a sarcastic label attached, Adult illiteracy is not a problem.

During today's crit, I received some good advice: photograph a hand with a bottle of children's medicine for clarity (if a child remains in the background), try creating a label of wacky mixed up nonsensical text, Chris had an idea of adding a label that said something like,
if you could read this you would know this expired last tuesday. I like it.

I am pausing with all the imagination pathos unless I find a great quote to complement and convert it to ethos.

A few quotes/paraphrases to drive an ethos poster: 
•We read to know we are not alone. -C.S. Lewis (I think that would be tremendous for the space composition.)
•Ninety percent of a child's mental and intellectual development takes place prior to age 5. -Read Early, Read Aloud Campaign
•One in seven Americans lack sufficient reading skills. -U.S. Department of Education. (The title of the USA Today article was, One in Seven U.S. adults cannot read this story. I found it striking.)
•Fourteen countries rank higher in literacy than the U.S. -U.S. Department of Education. 

below are my first round of potential posters. Originally I was excited to attempt to draw the excitement spilling out of a book. I feel I have not mastered this style, but I do agree with my teacher that I have been attempting that direction a little too much lately. The tedious experience of drawing is similarly relaxing to me as sipping tea and putting a pause button on life. (I wish I had possession of that button.)

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