Friday, September 4, 2009

thin-up girls (find & share)

Nicole Cawlfield... I can barely contain the amount of admiration and adoration I have for this photographer. She is a kcai graduate ('97) and a photostylist at Hallmark whom I met at the dog park several years ago. (The center picture is a self portrait of the pretty Nicole and her dog, Spot.) 

These three photos are a part of Thin-Up Girls, a series of parodies of the 1940's pin-up (with a pun for a title).

Other forms of rhetoric:
irony- In the first photo, the woman is standing on a scale, while happily eating icing. The sarcasm is obvious. She is confident and unashamed; her identity is not reduced by a frivolous measurement.
allegory- In my opinion, the scale represents the suffocating pressure society places on women to fulfill a requirement of physical beauty. (All three photos contain allegory in this sense.)
hyperbole- The second image exaggerates the abilities of the model to exemplify, the modern woman. Really, is there anything she can't do?
pun- In the third image, the dom-like model is illustrating restraint; rather than a sexual theme, the restraint is applied to baked goods.

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