Saturday, September 19, 2009

afinidad interpretations

I picked the floral pattern because I was originally drawn to the allegory of describing the music of Afinidad as pretty, soothing and fragrant. Secondly the fabric is a pattern I would imagine as wallpaper in a sophisticated atmosphere. Edward Simon, the lead of this piano driven jazz ensemble is refined; he originally studied classical piano, as well as jazz, both are apparent within his music.

I decided to spice up the color a little, since this is no folk concert. I began by scanning my rainbow leg warmers. bad idea. Next I made the word Afinidad fiery orange. I feel that the green background demonstrates a nice contrast to the title text. Also now the flame is excessively big to cause the viewer to discover the word is not just some pretty yarn, but it is infact a fuse to an explosive piano. I thought the explosiveness could also allude to Edward Simon's spicy roots in Venezuela. The Latin American spice is subtle, yet characteristic of Afinidad.

(The orange background iteration is not my favorite—so I am trying to ignore it—but I do recognize that the vibrating power contained within the complementary colors resonates with my theme.)

To add to the diametrical opposition to folk music, the piano is emitting, erupting and projecting exciting, colorful sounds, maybe even foreshadowing the explosion.

I am thinking of adding the color spew and the new and improved first person hand to the second composition. (
Formally, I am drawn to the middle two compositions.)

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