Monday, September 28, 2009

tender buttons, expressive type

I've arranged the type in a loose and fragile manner to reflect my interpretation of Stein's work; the poems seem to be full of thoughtful yet elusive memories. To my teacher's dismay, my process included outlining much of the type. This is not my typical process, but I have found I am more intuitive and free with interpreting the copy when the heavy chains of text boxes and stiffly, curved paths are not holding a gun to my head. Also, the process is a little closer to creating the design with the unsung-heroes of scissors and sloppy paste. The drawback is a quick font change on a collage means, a new collage.

I wanted the type to move with the breeze and curve at the imagined waist of this poem, A Long Dress.

Below is a detail of the curves.

The text is pelting Mildred's poor Umbrella.

Below is a detail of the splash.

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