Thursday, September 24, 2009

cassette integration evolution

Initially, I thought foot or boombox would be good words to illustrate. I then decided to choose a word that would be less blatant within my story.

After consulting with my advisor, the word cassette, was revealed—from the heavens. Three of the verb variations that could put a cassette into motion (in an intriguing way) are: play, unravel and snap. Of the three, snap has been the most difficult for me to illustrate.

On my first image+text storyboard, I tried to supplement the images with the text; a better description would be a repetition of image and text. For instance, panel six displays a person—me—about to press play and the "play" text follows.
On my second image+text storyboard, I tried to replace some of the images with the text; for example, panel five shows the first person view of the boombox followed by the "cassette" type playing. Another interesting fact, in the fourth row near the end, a hand reaches for the plug and I turned the "snap" type on its side to continue in the direction of the hand. Ah, it's beginning to click.
And lastly, on my third storyboard, I decided to alternate type and image. It seems that more drama has been added. I've also played the "unravel" type backwards. The text is completely unraveled after I notice a person peeking in on my dance party. Unraveled type now describes the peak of embarrassment.

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