Sunday, September 20, 2009

afinidad revised

Firstly, Dustin just turned 20. I watched it happen. He is cute as ever.

Secondly, I was minding my own business when Eppelheimer walked by my desk and started to giggle; he thought it was absolutely hilarious that I had named the piano after my musician. "It would be much more Hoffman of you to place the names across from the piano," he stated. So, I tried it.

Actually I remember you (Jamie)—so my one blog follower doesn't get confused—asking if I had tried shrinking the piano in order to lengthen the fuse. Previously, I had been limited by the idea of keeping the ed simon text large and trapped in the piano. Free at last... a tiny piano, well why not.

Other changes: composition 1: I tried a combo of the hand drawing with a match photo, along with a return of the piano drawing. (I am smitten by the combos). Also, the lace is no more. Simple. Maybe Ed Simon should be a tad bigger to prevent a future drama from occurring.

composition 2: It's green with a sliver of fingers. (The giggler liked the slivers from the fourth image of my previous post).

composition 3: I tryed blue for a piano center. Nah. The hand is a first person perspective. I've added more space on the right of Ms. Parlato.

composition 4: I changed the masked image to a much smaller one to show more of the flower pattern.

1 comment:

jamie said...

The cream backgrounds allow me to see your image and read Afinidad.

Could try for a bit more contrast (size changes) in the Gretchen Parlato text.

Big or small. Photos or drawings. Both are nice.

Humor is a great component to design. I like the piano named after Edward. If you want to scale down the piano I think you have some wiggle room and his name will still be readable at a bit smaller.