Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dancin' in my living room (revisions)

First of all, my story line: The room is quiet until I turn on the music and start dancing like a fool in my living room. Unannounced, a visitor comes to the front door and views my crazy moves; I see them, begin to fidget and swiftly plop myself onto a seat on the couch to field my embarrassment.

Introducing Color: within these two renderings, I highlighted movement and excitement with warm colors. The cool/neutral colors are either stationary or in the pre-excitement position.

Collage: the trail of colorful hands and fingers was a moment of serendipity; when I was trying to narrow down my color choices, I discovered all of them together was the most interesting and ridiculous.

Revisions within the first-person storyboard (above): I removed what was panel three (a macro pre-music view of the radio buttons sans the finger) and added a fidget panel (number nine). I wanted to help clarify the transition between my walk like an egyptian moves and my fidgety and stiff position on the couch.
Revisions within the third-person storyboard: My original third person storyboard contained some accidental first person panels and macro views that were so close they could be mistaken for first person. For the most part I took a step or two backwards with my camera view. My head is introduced in the first panel as well as the second, to guarantee the third person's view. In the dancing feet panel, I am showing more of the skirt rather that the previous closer crops. Additionally, I added a new ending showing the outside door, the visitor's arrival and lastly her reaction to my one-person, house party.

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