Saturday, February 6, 2010

when love

public art, created February 6th, at around noon at Penn Valley park
I’ve adapted combat boots as my drawing tool—fashion and function. I thought the traction would be enough, but the angle was a little more intense than predicted. Spikes would be helpful for next time.

During the writing process, from my vantage point, I convinced myself that the final product would not be legible. Although, I was absolutely not pursuing perfection. Something meaningful to me was my goal; a sort of diary excerpt for the world was about to be on display. (Maybe God actually listens when it’s written large enough.) I tried to size up each letter in my mind prior to rendering, but my occasional slipping somewhat prevented the intended outcome.
Upon completion, I was thrilled and relieved to find out the type was in fact legible—at least from a few angles.
While taking pictures, a bus stopped near me. A man began walking toward me and asked if this was my creation; he told me he’d been pursuing a lady who was a little shy about their relationship and he would love to send her a picture of this. Another man answered my snow diary entry with a predicted, very soon. I blushed.Just five hours later, the words were mostly illegible. (The 38°F that flashed on a bank sign earlier in the day, unknowingly predicted both sadness and destruction.)