Sunday, February 21, 2010

type projections

How can I create type with complex, resonating meaning and house it in an environment with supporting [or blatantly contradicting] connotations? I’ve adapted the human body as my environment.

My diary entry on display theme has progressively evolved to opinions and feelings for all to see. One of the suggestions I received from the last crit-light was "try to create a message that means something to more than just me." My first thought was, why would I do that? (art for the masses is not my purpose in life.)

In the image below, the sadness of the moment has been anchored with contradictory type; poor Lydia should not have taken that call. I wanted to increase the drama by placing the type upside down. Maybe she just collapsed to the ground, maybe she has been sitting in the same place for hours. What if I displayed this photograph with a recording of a phone off the hook?
This photo of my dear non-shy friend Becky was actually just an exposure test. I am including it as process and nice hair documentation. Of course, the text holds true as well.
The shot below (90% post production free) is not doing what I want it to just yet. Hello blackmail. The photo below has extreme potential; my text is a purposefully blatant understatement (as confusing as that sounds). In the calmest voice possible, I am yelling at the top of my lungs that this perspective on love is alright. (Wouldn’t it be amazing to convert this to a billboard to exist in areas where this opinion is not acceptable.)
I tried extremely hard to avoid photographing only myself for these. Sadly, I had to cave in for the (blush) two girls holding hands shot because another friend could not make it—I happen to fit the ultra feminine profile (original plan intact).

About the intentional font choice, Helvetica allows me to project whatever I want to say. . . without a fight—additionally, I have an incurable affinity for the clean and modern Swiss touch.


thenewprogramme said...

damn you helvetica!


These are incredible!

I am in LOVE with the last one. Can I get that file and make a print from it?

thenewprogramme said...

if art for the masses is not your thing, why are you in graphic design?

tammyshell said...

Art for the masses is such a vague term. I guess I should have thought twice before using it. What I mean is, if my message, such as, "when will love find me," does not reach or move everyone on the planet to tears, I am o.k. with that.