Sunday, February 14, 2010

sagmeister, my hero

When Sagmeister was fifteen years old, he wanted to become a designer. In 1993, Sagmeister worked for Tibor Kalman and shortly after, opened his own firm. As a young designer, he once considered style irrelevant to content; now he believes form and style are a powerful combination for communicating content.

From Sagmeister's perspective, the freedom to create concepts is most gratifying, if the project is without a deadline. The concepting of a project at times happens in a plane, a hotel or anywhere; the execution, however, usually occurs in the office. A resulting hand-made quality is what Sagmeister's studio is best known for.

And most importantly, to keep up to date and sharp on what other designers are doing, Sagmeister meets weekly with a group of friends who run local firms.
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