Tuesday, February 9, 2010

turning tricks

In the first photo, I chose a somewhat desolate area to communicate the lonely message. Not many cars drove by—I was crying to the lord and the snow flurries.These were taken at the plaza during rush hour. I was much more self-conscious because cars and eyeballs were surrounding me. Since the sun was beginning to set and the weather was so bitterly cold, a new sadness lingered.I am attempting to rescue my friend from being hit by a bus; my photographer (Mikal Shapiro) has recently moved back to Kansas City from the Bronx—she decided the bus could wait.
The moral is, both weather and location affect a message in severe ways. The busy plaza was much more lonely and cold than a literally desolate location in downtown Kansas City.


Johnna Pasch said...

awwww my poor tammy:( drink some hot chocolate !

Tom Morse-Brown said...

Interesting stuff Tammy! Be fun to see where you go with this.


You looked hot!

Your love is right here!

Cassie said...

awww this is so cute tammy! i love your type experiments!