Sunday, September 19, 2010

Proponents of Yum

About five years ago at an art show, I met Heidi Van Pelt, the infamous creator of the local vegan restaurant, füd. Throughout the show, she was serving ice cream made from cashews; the flavor was incredible. I had no idea this was possible.

The following is a collection of slides from my recently flavorful presentation concerning a branding idea for an explosively tasty vegan restaurant.

(I began this project while attempting to carry out a not only vegan, but solely raw diet. Three weeks later—and ten pounds lighter, I am now a just a vegetarian.)
my kitchen (above) and an expressive type demonstration (below)
You don't have to say it, I have already been reprimanded. I just enjoy the type escaping to the heavens. (above) Key beliefs include a commitment to acquiring ingredients from local and organic markets.
The only required commonality for those who enter this restaurant would be, an affinity for flavor.
The above photo (taken at Bad Seed) symbolizes the unending possibilities.
The essence (as symbolized by a fragrant aroma) would be tasty and healthy vegan food.
Brand attributes: friendly, organic and eclectic chic. (It is my desire for the style of these slides to embody this theme.)
(A cameo from Brooke Salvaggio who grew up with the nickname, Bad Seed. (What a perfect name for her farmer's market.)Flavor skeptics are our favorite to please. (Does his face not say it all?)
We're in your stop on by. (A goal of this restaurant will be to establish a diverse and inviting community.)

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