Tuesday, September 14, 2010

can you dig it?

Garrett Fuselier appeared for our very first community poster crit and left us (Lance and me) with quite a bit to consider. The ever smiling and energetic Garrett overflowed with passion for a specific line within the individual poster under the topic of those who BELONG:

The [urban gardening] individual will be identified by the remnants of dirt on his or her knees and hands.

This line especially incapsulates the gardening personas Lance and I have been exposed to. For instance, Lydia (the amateur gardener identified within the poster) works in the garden almost every day. I happen to live with this gardening individual and am inspired by how at ease she is with dirt lingering on her hands, knees and bare feet. (There is something endearing about it all.)

Our front yard has been converted to a garden of various herbs, flowers and vegetables. The empty lot a few houses away gave her a fine opportunity to initiate a guerilla garden of watermelons, squash, various lettuce plants and other lovely vegetables. For Lydia, gardening is not an activity, but a lifestyle.
The vector text of the original poster for urban gardening (above) seemed especially lackluster. And a more texture-centered approach seems to better encapsulate the hands on approach of the activity...not to mention, the love.

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