Thursday, February 10, 2011

WE! take one

before shredding the stage:
after shredding the stage!!!!!!!!!!:
The shredding action is hot off the press—and it has a photocopy feel. The project WE! will shred the concept of the traditional stage as well as the suffocating context of the office space. The main audience for this event will be art appreciating professionals. I am thinking happenings, bauhaus, deconstructivism. The context is the 6th floor of an office space. I imagine Jane Gotch standing on the window ledge with a decided aversion to setting a foot the floor.

Another photo possibility would be Mark Southerland holding a sledge hammer about to smash into a wall—because they are breaking down walls both figuratively and literally for this audience participatory performance.

So why not a poster series?

Additionally, I am not always a fan of the icon approach (literal representation of the person) BUT, Jane (and Mark as well) emit a powerful aroma of ethos. Dangerous soul penetrating actors, they are.

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