Thursday, February 3, 2011

mo betta exhibit

1. (Poetic)Persuasive
Potential exhibit number one, The Sensory Experience. Mo, aka, and I are longing for the gallery visitor to engage in the tangible. Not only will the visitor experience in complementary text concerning the vital five points [toward] a new architecture, he or she will be able to taste them as well. (I suppose participate with them would be a more accurate description.)
2. (Practical)Persuasive
Potential exhibit number two, The Le Corbusier Experience. This exhibit will be more for the logical variety. Initially, to set the scene, the viewer will engage in a timeline room illustrating the life of Le Corbusier. Significant dates will be enlarged and significant events will be emphasized—for instance his love affair with the lovely Josephine Baker.

The five points will be demonstrated throughout the rest of the exhibit in reference to the specifics of the Villa Savoye. Mo and I imagine the initial room will contain a general plan view (of the first floor) of the actual structure. Color coded wall infographs will repeat throughout the consecutive rooms with more thoroughly detailed plan view sections on the floor.

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