Friday, January 28, 2011

initial leap

A designer’s purpose may be to educate, connect, provoke, author, facilitate. (as gleaned from advisor, Jamie Gray) Honestly, these action words will assist will keeping my project from becoming self-fulfilling mush.

My position as a designer, is to identify a problem and intervene with a graphic design solution. Within this structure, My research experiments will consist of tests to will help narrow the topic of portrait and narrative toward a valid and concise focus.

(If I were to join the El Dorado teams my personal question may begin as: how can photographic narrative asssist with the facilitation of two separate communities?)

A test will include aquiring models and photographing them (with added graphic design elements) to expand the traditional photograph to contain more layers of meaning and information. I would like the photographs to speak loudly and drip with narrative.

I will refer to those whom I look up to as portrait masters to keep my work in check:
Felix Gonzales-Torres, Portrait of Ross

Sophie Calle, Self Portrait
Sophie Calle, The Love Letter
Lois GreenField
Lois GreenField
Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still
Annie Leibovitz
Mapplethorpe, William BurroughsMapplethorpe, Self Portrait

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Taylor Pruitt said...

all such great inspirations