Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rhizome expansion

A sifting process is continually occurring with my career goals. For instance, my initial life goal was to become a photojournalist. Upon entering the photo department at the Kansas City Art Institute, a veil was lifted to the world of fine art photography. I gulped at the possibilities. My interest in methods of image making and typography led to a spirited, deer leap to the Graphic Design department. Choosing to tread this terrain has exposed endless options for my design; type and image combinations now carry toxic potential. And most recently, my love interest has broadened to include combining narrative with motion. I have a strong feeling, the filmmaking class I am engaged in this semester, will lead to yet another complementary rhizome expansion. (And did I mention how much I love to write?)

And so…for my career goals, I am deeply enamored with the performing arts. My freelance work assures this, as well as a recent design internship with a dance company. In addition to unearthing fragrant advertising possibilities, my desire is to assist with the application of design to performance—the latter, a new mark of pursuit.

The final answer to my purpose in life is, an optimistic…to be continued.

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