Friday, November 6, 2009

presentation comments


Tom Morse-Brown said...

Your idea 1: i think you've got some nice graphics here, good use of color and space, i like the progressions of text from frame to frame, also the way you're telling the story is good. It's engaging. You could definitely expand on this in an animation with a voice over. For example I like your statement "interference between a message is called noise" and how you show that happening with simple line and text.

Your idea 2: I don't quite get what's going on here although what you do have is intriguing. I'm seeing two phones communicating with each other. I do connect with the comments back and forth, like, your statement of how an insecure person attracts an angry, dominant person but where are you going with that? How does that flesh out? I'd like to see you present more on that.

I'm not sure what's happening in idea 3. I remember you saying there would be someone speaking loud in a foreign language with lots of noice, I liked the sound of where that was going, I'd just need to see it maybe storyboarded out some more.

I think two is your strongest idea. Nice work.

micahB said...

I like the visuals of your first idea and the animation, terms, and diagramatic approach are very comprehendible. I think it lacks a little of the personality you've created in your second idea. I believe you could possibly use the yellow happy/sad face as a mascot throughout this idea as a mascot that helps the reader step by step. The palette is very inviting to tackle something such as a communication model. I think the hierarchy is wonderful, I understood it quite clearly. The detailed portions are a nice break from the broad diagram. I think you could make this idea work in any application.

Your second idea is by far my favorite! Using the telephones as the subject matter in a way that isn't trite is wonderful. I love this idea as is, but also has many possibilities of where it can go. The personality you've created is great, and I agree with Tom that this idea can work well with voice-overs that would go hand in hand with the type. It can be viewed as a fun animation as well as an educational one. An actual installation could be fun too.

Your third idea is fun, but I think its a bit disconnected from the communication model altogether. The interactivity can work with your 2nd idea. Maybe pressing buttons not on the tape recorder, but the telephone. Maybe each wrong number dialed could bring a different voice (its just a thought). I believe you could take elements from idea #1 and #3 to make idea #2 incredible.

Sean said...

The idea of concentration on the fact that there is noise and that the source should be aware of that is a good message. The interactive website that would be altered and harder or easier to use with the addition of noise.

The second idea of the personified phones conversing and the message of the communication model being puled through that could be easily relatable to a large demographic due to the easily recognizable objects and the relatable story-line.
This concept could use some pauses to allow the factual information to enter at points where relevant to the story. perhaps the story goes through without annotations and then a second time with annotations that explains the technical aspects that are there and how they relate to the diagram.

The third one, while having possibilities of becoming video explanation of what happens with an without noise, I believe that you could gather information from this experiment to create charts and info graphics to explain in a scientific manner the effects of noise