Sunday, August 30, 2009

mind mapping afinidad

The following are mind maps of Afinidad as well as individual mind maps of the two key figures for the Folly performance: Edward Simon and Gretchen Parlato. My hope was to discover new and overlapping signs and ideas.

icons: Afinidad, Ed Simon, Gretchen Parlato
indexes: piano, black & white keys, sax, saxophone keys, upright bass, scroll, f-hole, guitar, pick, string, flashing lights, clef, ear, mouth, microphone, tongue, lips, spotlight, hands, beat spectrum, sincere eyes
symbols: free spirit, bird, wings, cloud, fast train, star, curvy road, polish, knife tip, spice, jalapeƱo or pepper, thermometer, arrows, broken chain, ribbon, eye, weapon, skyline, taxi, smoke, glass (i.e. martini), lace, come hither finger, blooming flower, seedling, brooklyn bridge, roots, tree, big apple

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