Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jazz research, Afinidad

The music of Afinidad spans from classical Jazz to Swing to Avant Garde, with occasional Latin rhythm accents. Additionally, the progressive styles of pianist, Edward Simon, and fellow composer/saxophonist, David Binney add a unique quality to the group. Instruments include, piano, alto sax, bass, drums, percussion and guitar.

The songs on Afinidad are seasoned with contentment, contemplation and reflection, among the titles are, Red, Civil War, Sadness, Simplicity and Remembrance.

A few quotes that I appreciated about Edward Simon and Afinidad:
“Memorable themes seem to glide across a more complex rhythmic backdrop.”
“Simon renders softly stated chord progressions,” and is known for his “subtle harmonic developments.” He doesn’t go for the dazzle, but rather, projects intention and control.
“Soloists pursue multicolored vignettes.”
Simon’s emotionally driven nature is apparent in his music, “[his] writing mines the nexus between head and heart.”

A few synonyms of the Spanish word, Afinidad, are: relationship, kinship, affinity and synergy.

While listening to Afinidad, I came up with these words of description:
expressive, content, melancholy, dreaming, longing, happy, jubilant, uncomfortable, distressed, a sad goodbye, a memory, pleased, satisfied, somber


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