Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a flying machine

So, I've been drawing quite a bit lately. First leaping animals, and now flying machines. Brad Cox, the humble leader and sometimes composer, always sends me off free as a bird to design anything in the whole world I can think of. (So much trust in such fragility). So far, as far as I can tell, my style, is yet to be determined. I absolutely live for taking photographs, and so molding image is always my pursuit. I think a hand written text might be nice for this cd cover design. 

My goal is to symbolically capture the combination of sophistication, joy and ridiculousness of the untamable People's Liberation Big Band. Do I need flailing instruments to express the musical aspect? I was actually thinking a placing a kazoo in the girl's mouth. Originally my idea was to place a cigarette in her mouth and with bellowing smoke spelling out the band's name. Maybe.

By the way, during the last critique of the semester, (the graphic design pioneer) Katherine McCoy suggested that I add more drawings within my designs. (I was blushing on the inside). I have always thought of my drawing skills as being unrefined and average and am still dying to take some drawing classes. In the mean time, she gave me a new confidence. 

oh yeah, color. What could be more lovely and joyfully explosive than a Munsell color wheel triad? I suppose if I were to be more descriptive, this color arrangement consists of contrasting hue, contrasting value and contrasting chroma. 


ryan_baker said...

do you like guided by voices or robert pollard? if not you should check out their music, but also Robert's record covers and posters for his former band and his current ones. He collages like crazy which reminds me of your work. here is one of his gallery's

jamie said...

Tammy, I encourage you to incorporate photography as much as possibly into visual language this semester.