Thursday, April 30, 2009

final 10

1. icon with a single image:
Since a money cup icon connotes need, the hand is held out to receive.
2. icon with a single word:
My idea was to clarify the knife as a functional tool, rather than something to fear.
3. icon with cropped portion of research:
The word freedom within this juxtaposition anchors the idea that a hitchhiker lives (in reality or imagination) without obligations or restraints of society.
4. icon with single image:
I've infused new meaning into this bus by adding a hitchhikers hand. This mode of transportation has been converted to a carefree, traveling caravan. I can almost smell the incense.
5. icon with single word:
Since I have provided a narrow interpretation of what type of need the money cup is fulfilling, I feel this is an example of relay.
6. icon with cropped portion of research:
With the addition of the map and the walking feet, these boots now represent and experienced traveler.

7. with only one icon:
I consider this pattern harmonious since a zig-zag, up-down path can easily be followed within the design. The consistently upright boots also anchor this more on the side of harmony.

8. with more than one icon:
Creating engaging version of harmony within two icons was difficult for me. Points of harmony: Clear striped paths can be followed by the eye and the icons themselves could cohesively represent protection.
Amplified drama:
9. with only one icon:
The use of scale, overlapping, rotation and density, creates amplified drama within this design.
10. with more than one icon:
Scale and the thumbs pointing all directions increase the drama and connote a crazy travelin' fool.

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