Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the people's liberation

cd front & detailed views
cover:My idea is to describe liberation through symbols, leaping animals, ripped paper and expressive type breaking free from a predictable structure. (At the moment the color pallet is problematic; so far the yellow is not working)Azure the husky, made an appearance.
Above, I placed a leopard (though spotless he is), hidden behind text, since he is the main predator and antithesis of liberation for animals, including the gazelle.
A gazelle stotts and is juxtaposed at the peak of the word, liberation. (They can leap ten feet in the air).
process: found type, I masked.
more process: torn paper stolen from a silverware drawer from the place I work.

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jamie said...

Lovely post Tammy. The design too - very whimsical.