Saturday, April 11, 2009

thumbing a ride

The following alterations have occurred: I've removed the cardboard signs from behind Rainbow's voice and instead added paper (to reference journal), to remain consistent with my collage theme, I printed photographs on colored paper, tore the edges and scanned the prints. I tried to restrain the mini photograph collages within segments of the design in order to retain some negative space (for deep breaths to occur). Rainbow's voice has been enlarged 110% in places where I have remembered to do so. So far I have made one test print, I am saddened by how everything looks dark and mushy; printing this to reflect the screen may be tricky. One more thing, the background is a light grey.
above: The Thumbing a Ride has been placed on a cardboard sign with a higher saturation than the subtitle, to assist with the hierarchy; I may need to rethink that idea, since the two saturations may look like a big, terrible mistake.
above: The yarn has made an appearance in the top outline of the roads (my original idea was to have one of the gloves unraveling into the road).
lastly, this is a close up of the memory montage: flashes of the city, two views of Rainbow walking, writing in her journal, all placed on a road background.

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jamie said...

Good improvements. The idea of unraveling the glove into the road is great - and gives meaning to the use of the yarn - I encourage you to incorporate this idea somewhere.

Try printing on some other type of paper(s) rather than the white - since the color is an issue in printing. Newsprint soaks in ink nicely and is a less harsh white.