Thursday, February 26, 2009

sinning in broad daylight

walking with my girl: my rule set included, me, this mannequin, a costume change (except the one time I forgot), sometimes random people and sometimes random mannequins.

my process (for attempting to communicate the animal instinct of lust) included raw meat; I have been looking at David Lachapelle lately. (Sometimes you can risk your life for a photo and end up with nothing.) I have chosen the one on the left.

(clockwise: from the top left): gluttony, pride, wrath and sloth
The Seven Deadly Sins project reminded me of my first semester in the photo department at kcai. I explored alter egos, all the while worshipping the work of contemporary artists, such as Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills and Nan Golden's counter culture exploration.

The rush of energy that floods my body before, during and after taking a photo is ridiculous. Although shyness and awkwardness are my vices in real life, when I have a photo in mind, my inner ruthlessness takes over.

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