Monday, January 26, 2009

about blogging and proj.1

This project is about telling a story in my own words. Although it is impossible to completely manipulate what the viewer will interpret, my job is to guide the viewer; I am in charge of sifting the information and pointing to what objects and ideas I feel are important. This is similar to what a blog should exhibit, an examination of ideas and key points.

About blogging… I enjoyed the statement by Steve Portigal, about disciplining ourselves to take observations out of our heads and share them. Assuming the world knows what we are thinking is a tragic mistake.

Another statement I appreciated was, “Learn to hear yourself feeling.” Blogging can be a meditative activity as well. Portigal’s idea of seeing blogging as disposable rather than precious takes a little pressure off. Every blog doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but rather a means of sharing process.

My goal for blogging is to capture great moments of progress while learning to hear myself feeling.

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