Saturday, July 16, 2011

owen cox goldfrapp

The heavenly birth of season five Owen Cox Dance is upon us. I am attempting to demonstrate the elegance and progressive nature of this amazing and clever dance company.

The initial iteration (below) includes a pentagon within a climactic moment; Jen Owen the leader and primary choreographer demonstrates her explosive imagination while the dancers accompany her with the dreamy demonstration.

My mood board consists of mostly Goldfrapp, Sheppa Peppa (the dj of noMathmatics and AIGA events), and of course Dustin.

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OMG! You're fucking amazing! I have so much to say.

First, these designs are amazing. Love love love love love love love the one at the very top. Gorgeous and super subtle, love love love <3

Hahaha! I was JUST looking at Sheppa's MODE posters AND that SPECIFIC Anastasia Rendina FASHION RAVE III poster, and thinking about how much it inspired me.

AND that 'OOH LA LA' single cover is one of my favorite Goldfrapp album artworks...

I've talked to Mat Maitland before over e-mail, he's the one that is a co-owner at BIG ACTIVE in the UK... !!!