Monday, November 1, 2010

revised and more dirt laden

The goal of this visual identity will be to convey the idea that vegan food can be surprisingly and explosively tasty. The tone of voice will be caring and optimistic. The attributes to be embodied will be friendly, organic and eclectic chic. The needs fulfilled will be healthy and flavorful food located in an inviting and non judgmental community.

other side
business card
website mainpageinvoice frontinvoice back (the pad with make ready and screen printed collage, hammerpress + tammypress)We never said we were dirt cheap.the menu cover (made from old book cover elements + screen printed collage elements)

(my inner cameron perry may have taken over for this one)
Stationary will be an item for sale in the restaurant. The front at back covers will be printed on make ready stock whenever possible. This would likely be a handmade item as this company cherishes thoughtfulness and detail.
never crop a hand like this
outrageously colorful billboard (a little too much)our errand running vehiclethe #10 envelope; notice eat would be revealed only after removing the mailed item.tshirts! (way too clean, it is true)


Taylor Pruitt said...

Tammy, these are so great!


tammyshell said...

you are so kind!