Wednesday, October 20, 2010

guerilla documentation

Rosedale kids don't dream, a quote from a teacher at Frank Rushton Elementary. If this doesn't make you cry...

Amanda and I are focusing on rebranding Rosedale Park as an inviting place for kids to hope and dream. Additionally we would wish for more local residents to make use of this lovely place with the hope more activity would discourage the less desirable happenings.
The key to fulfilling any of these ideas includes creating a safe passage via crosswalk from the danger zone known as Mission Road.
The following is no exaggeration of the experience.
What this sign needs is a little color
My guerilla gardening roommate helped with the first step of revitalizing the sign that otherwise looks like a tombstone. Azure the handsome husky tagged along for moral support.
Ask and you shall receive
The first stop was Ace hardware. We asked if they would consider donating flowers for the project and they gave us a huge discount!
Azure was singing for joy. (below)
Amanda and I were both inspired by a Project M campaign titled, It's not grass, it's hope, a project to encourage the creation of community parks in Baltimore.

Our messages include, park here, hope here, dream here and be here.
Amanda, unlike me, is actually good with the hammer.
Notice the color, even from afar!
documentation of vanity—and how the sign complements my outfit:
Part of our rebranding would include life size brightly colored silhouette sculptures of kids playing. The sculptures would remind drivers of the high possibility of kids running around the area and Rosedale residents could become more aware and excited about the park.
We receive alot of good feedback about the crosswalk; see our video, here...I like to call this one documentation of me documenting.
The most recent life risking test included placing bright duct tape in the road...
Let's go to the park!

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