Monday, July 26, 2010

yes they were.

The Leftover Cuties played earlier this evening in Santa Monica at Angel's Piano Bar. The lead singer's name is Shirley; what could be more perfect for a 20s–40s period band? I almost asked my friend Linda to pinch me because I could not remember what decade I was existing in...

it's 1:30 ish I better try to write this later when I am not falling asleep. xo by the way, the bar was very dark (and romantic) so I am shocked any of my photographs turned out. for ref: I shot this at f2.8, 1/30, and 1600-ish. (weird coincidence, the upright bass player also is a part of Eleni Mandell's band as well). I obviously have good taste in music.

Navigate to the "listen" category on this will especially love the 1940's remake of "Pokerface"; it's outrageously hot.