Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eleni Mandell, what a voice

The Living Sisters have been entrusted with the best three-part harmony on earth—Eleni Mandell's newest project. I recently witnessed them live with Linda Lay, a new friend and recent Otis graduate, at the Hotel Café in Hollywood. Honestly it's the type of show where you have to wonder if the sound is real and why shivers keep running down your back. My photographs of the evening were an attempt to capture the aura. Obviously not a chance, but I tried.

Oh and I wanted to talk to them after the show, but could only will myself to buy a CD and blink. (Oh why me?) Thank you Miss Lay for forcing me to (go back again and) talk to these most captivating, yet humble people—it was still an awful and quivering sight to behold, but you've got to try, dammit.

and now I am forcing you (especially Jamie Gray) to listen here and fall in love with Eleni:

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jamie said...

ooh, I do love them!