Monday, April 26, 2010

t4 type conference criticism

TypeConText, a demonstration of type-image seduction from tammy shell on Vimeo.

This is a poetic-persuasive animation for the MaberryShell imagined type conference about applying type and image in a meaningful and resonating manner.

I believe in type, image and narrative; rather than type, image and superficial flourish. (another potential conference title would be "Formalism Schmormalism.")

(A note for the curious: the boxer, Laura Frank, is paying homage to the beautiful and dangerous German feminist, Hannah Höch. Also, I, Tammy Lynn, did eat the raw meat.)

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dkozlov said...


I enjoyed your animation greatly! It is great and reflects your experiments and idea behind your identity. However, you do need a pause at the end so people can read your conference logo. Speaking of the logo, I'm still not sold on it. Why a square? What does that have to do with contextual typography? I don't know! Maybe you could explain this clearly in your presentation next time. It seemed a little rambling, but hey! Some parts of your identity seem wildly different from other parts. It's like you had two ideas and you realized you had to unify them to make a single identity, and then you tried, but it didn't really work out too well. Also your mailer could use a little type refinement. Anyway, cheers.