Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a modern night, take 1

So, Jane said to me with mild desperation mixed with anticipation, can you do it? Basically she needed it yesterday. I was sick as a dog last week when she asked, but so incredibly thrilled. Jane was not a fan of the first design of the original artist. Oh, and the board meeting is on Tuesday, oh lordy.

This is my first attempt at A Modern Night at the Folly. My problem is, I get too attached, right away, even. The people at the board meeting were not a fan of my emerging night. Why is it cut off anyway? Maybe I could slip them a clip of the movie Helvetica when David Carson says not to confuse legibility with communication; just because it’s legible doesn’t mean it communicates. (Preach it, bro) The non-formally trained genius is in tune with the emotional interpretation and translation of design.

In case you’d like to know, the sultry girl in the background is Jane Gotch. (I picked these photos out of several hundred from last year’s performance)


amorris said...

Tammy, your amazing and I support the "cut off night"! the poster is looking amazing, keep it up!


That poster is fantastic.

It reminds me a lot of really great stuff from design big-wigs that we've learned about. Nice!

p.s. get me a copy of the poster!

Ian Arthur Spaeth said...

Michael showed us this poster in class yesterday(friday) and it is quite superb! I was at Broadway Cafe today with a friend and I saw it there as well. It was exciting to see wonderful design work in the community done by someone i know.