Wednesday, January 28, 2009

thumbing a ride

A gloriously, serendipitous moment on Main street. Sadly the bus did not pick Rainbow up. 
things a homeless hitchhiker might have. I have decided to leave out the whiskey, hook, axe and box for the story to become adventurous, rather than depressing. (Hitchhiking, strangely enough, is something I hope to do this summer... This may soon be my story.)

word & image separation

Monday, January 26, 2009

teapot for type

I chose a teapot for my "household" item for type class. 

Homeless Hitchhiker

I recently aquired a friend who occasionally hitchhikes while traveling. I am attracted to the idea and decided to choose Homeless Hitchhiker as my topic. Although, these words seem to describe someone sad and desperate, rather than pursuing an adventure.

about blogging and proj.1

This project is about telling a story in my own words. Although it is impossible to completely manipulate what the viewer will interpret, my job is to guide the viewer; I am in charge of sifting the information and pointing to what objects and ideas I feel are important. This is similar to what a blog should exhibit, an examination of ideas and key points.

About blogging… I enjoyed the statement by Steve Portigal, about disciplining ourselves to take observations out of our heads and share them. Assuming the world knows what we are thinking is a tragic mistake.

Another statement I appreciated was, “Learn to hear yourself feeling.” Blogging can be a meditative activity as well. Portigal’s idea of seeing blogging as disposable rather than precious takes a little pressure off. Every blog doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but rather a means of sharing process.

My goal for blogging is to capture great moments of progress while learning to hear myself feeling.