Tuesday, March 3, 2009

channel 37

The story of my CNN WEATHER WATCH is: weather is powerful, but not as scary as you think... if you watch channel 37.

Since my graphic images retain the quality of hand-cut type, I feel the level of seriousness overall has been lowered. I wanted my Ad message to read: CNN WEATHER WATCH, THE GODS CONSULT US FIRST, but my friendly compositions seemed uncomfortable with such bold text. I chose to stick with the simplicity of "Weather Watch".

A challenge with creating compositions that fit together formally but also communicate the intended weather phenomenon was, trying not to destroy them with the addition of vital text. A successful integration occurred when I placed the CNN colossal within the composition. Although, I allowed the weather to exist around the logo, the station became as a god: giant, powerful and unmoved by the surrounding situation.

I chose a complementary color scheme to not only aid hierarchy, but also, to connote weather. The blue background is lightly saturated and a little dark to potentially illustrate a dramatic sky. I chose to retain the solid black of my original type compositions to demonstrate, dirty, sloppy weather; Additionally, I attempted to avoid competition with the elevated hierarchy of the orange CNN logo.

On the buses and billboards, the circle of precipitation is caught in action, the powerful rains blast at an angle, the wind cuts and swirls and the clouds cast trails of shadow.

I jumped out of my car on a Broadway overpass to capture this photograph of downtown Kansas City for my billboard montage.

Another CNN as "all knowing god" composition

A similar narrative occurs within my storyboard: the wind blows, the clouds cast shadows, the rain pours and then silence occurs by a drought.

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