Tuesday, October 28, 2008

denotative and connotative lists for haiku

Blistering rainy:
denotative: hot, steamy, wet, slippery, muddy, moving water, puddles, splashes, drips, tapping, rhythm, outdoors, nature, weather

connotative: angry rain, frustrated, longing, alone, lost, blinded, uncomfortable, loud drops smacking, overwhelming rain, intense, rapid, annoying, storm clouds, harsh, cloudy, outdoors, nature, weather.

Petals ruminate kindly:
denotative: petals, flowers, garden, dirt, ground, grass, smooth area, sporadically placed, continuously falling, petal-less flowers.

connotative: dancing petals, twirling petals, joyful, content, happy, pleased, soft petals, delicate, unpredictable, petals leaving, longing to move on, insecure petals, roaming, following one another, together.

Dimly, breezily:
denotative: softly blowing wind, darkness, shadows, rustling leaves, tumbling trash, quiet humming, occasional crackling sound (leaves passing by), movement, motion

connotative: calm, at ease, delicate breeze, low light possibly hiding, eerie, moving on, direction unpredictable, confusion, breeze controls direction of leaves, trash; wind in control = power.

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jamie said...

Words with potential for further exploration as shapes:

steamy, wet, splashes, rhythm, angry, loud, intense, rapid, harsh,

petals, flowers, sporadically placed?, falling, dancing, twirling

rustling, tumbling (the third line is a tough one)