Saturday, September 13, 2008

thumbs for domesticity

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jamie said...

• The slight curve that is occurring in pressure 1 is a nice subtlety - bring that into pressure 2 if that is your fav.

• fantasy1 is nice and more unique composition than fantasy2

• coy needs slight adjustment in how much of that top /or/ right circle is shown. the relationship of the two dots in coy1 is more apparent b/c the white space is smaller

• strong1 very nice

• nurture2 or 3 communicates more clearly than 1 b/c of the second "arm"

• work with scale for trapped. here is an opportunity to flip the dominance of the positive over negative space and utilize the "frame" more in the composition.

• liberated2 has 2 nice forms but the background behind each is not considered. Why so symmetrical? Due to the diagonal structure, an implied line is being created that directs the eye to the center (which currently is a large blank space).